Work With Me

Do you desire to live a healthy and non-toxic lifestyle but the idea of researching the ingredients in each and every one of your products overwhelms you?

I’ve been there! My passion for healthy living began many years ago when I gave birth to my son, Nate. I struggled with weight gain, hormones, and thyroid issues during this time and began to clean up my diet and exercise regularly. Not long after, I started testing positive for skin cancer when getting my yearly checkup at the dermatologist and decided that it was important to pay attention to the toxins you are putting on your body too!

I immediately began replacing my name brand skincare, hair care, and beauty products with safer alternatives. During this time, I researched tons of products and ingredients and compiled a robust list of safe and effective products.

Do you want to replace your current products with safe alternatives without spending hours researching ingredients and brands? Let me do the tedious research for you! 

Skincare & Makeup Product Assessment

The process is simple. Send me a description (brand/product name/shade) of your current skincare or makeup products and fill out a quick questionnaire about your product needs. I will take this information and provide you with 2-3 safer alternatives as well as explain why these products are safer.

For example, a recent customer needed safe skincare products for fading sun spots. Together, we came up with the following four step regimen that gave her peace of mind and kept her skin clear and glowing!

Ready to get started? Click the button below and lets get you on the path to a non-toxic life!