A Killer Leg Day Workout

leg day workout

Let’s talk about fitness!

A few year’s ago, I started working out with a personal trainer in an effort to lose the baby weight and get out of the house each week (self-care is so important!). This turned into a passion for fitness that is constantly evolving. Like most, I started with cardio. When you are carrying extra body weight around, it just makes sense to burn as many calories as possible doing cardio. Eventually, I got really tired of logging so many miles on the treadmill and decided that there has to be more options! Crossfit and boot camps came to mind. You typically see results with these types of fitness…what is it that they were doing that I wasn’t? Well, besides waking up at ungodly hours in the morning.

That’s when I had an “ah-ha!” moment and realized that strength training (specifically, compound movements or movements that use multiple muscle groups) is so important! You need to build muscle and get your heartrate up in order to see results.

Today, I would like to share a leg day workout with you. These are not all compound movements, but they are sure to give your legs definition and help you burn more calories long after the workout is over. They can easily be made into compound movements too. For example, when you do a Bulgarian Split Squat, hold a dumbbell in each hand and do a bicep curl after you rise up or when you do a Wide Leg Squat, hold a dumbbell in each hand and do a shoulder press when you rise up.

I’ve broken this workout up into different variations to accommodate different fitness levels. I hope you enjoy!

leg day workout

Also, here are some information on how to properly execute each movement.

Would you like to see more workouts or fitness inspiration? Leave me a comment and let me know!